Biomimicry Frontiers

This blog is a collection of stories from Biomimicry Frontiers – ideas, applications, and our journey towards a new paradigm of design.

Biomimicry India: an application of biomimicry in Bengaluru

by Jamie Miller • January 5, 2018

At the end of December I was on-site in Bengaluru India for a biomimicry habitat design. Originally, I was reluctant to do a site visit because of the time required to get there and to make it worth it, and because I had been brought into the project a bit late, which created a bit […]

Forests: a pathway to a paradigm shift

by Jamie Miller • December 15, 2017

Written for: Inside Ecology Magazine I recently read “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben, which offers a unique interpretation of forest behaviour. Wohlleben used terms like friendship, language, love, etiquette, aging, climate control, burnout and immigration to describe a forest. He also described the ways that trees used forms, processes and behaviours to […]

Biomimicry: Every step is a story

by Jamie Miller • November 6, 2017

My biomimicry story begins in a math and poetry class at Queen’s University in 2004. The professor wasn’t specifically using the term biomimicry, but he was introducing us to the idea that nature is much more complex, and yet organized, than we might have realized. During one particular class, he walked us through something called […]