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“Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better.”








We work from the bottom-up and top-down, inspiring and applying biomimicry in the built environment.

From the bottom-up, we provide presentations, workshops and courses – to inspire others to apply biomimicry. To support this, we’ve built the Biomimicry Commons in Guelph, Ontario, which is a biomimicry innovation hub and disrupter studio. The mission of the Commons is to create the fertile grounds for the next generation to access their creative potential and to transform design by thinking, behaving, and creating from a paradigm inspired by nature.

From the top-down, we partner with city builders and landowners who want to safely and creatively disrupt the built environment, pushing towards greater resiliency and harmony with nature. Together, we apply biomimicry ideas, technology and thinking to transform our perception of nature and design and to create higher states of beauty and universal well-being.

Partners and clients


Example presentations:

Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario – April 2018

Kansas City Design Week, Kansas City, Missouri – April 2018

INTBAU Canada, Guelph, Ontario – February 2018

Nature Conservancy of Canada, Cambridge, Ontario – October 2017

B+H Architects, Toronto, Ontario – July 2017

EcoSummit, Montpellier, France – September 2016

 FORM Endless City, Toronto, Ontario – September 2016

Urban Ecologies, Toronto, Ontario – June 2015

Resilience Conference, Montpellier, France – May 2014

Society for Ecological Restoration, Madison, Wisconsin – October, 2013

TEDx Embry Riddle, Daytona Beach, Florida – October, 2012

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